Certifications & Awards


The ISO 9001:2008 quality management certification has been long awarded back in 2007 and successfully renewed in recognition of our excellent compliance and delivery of high quality ground services.


We are 100% committed to achieving the highest possible safety and security standards for our valued customers, passengers and our employees, partners and facilities. We are proud to receive, successfully renew the ISAGO (IATA Safety Audit for Ground Operations) Accreditation and make it happen during daily operations as we understand that safety is everybody’s business.

SSQ (Safety – Security – Quality) PROGRAM

SSQ program is one of our key safety initiatives to highlight the following:

• Apply safety best practices to build the highest commitment to safety

• Identify and reinforce safety-related behaviors in daily operations

• Engage staffs at all levels to aim at continuous safety improvements

• Take various site audits to monitor and measure safety


We have received various awards, trophies, complimentary letters from our valued customers. We are proud to be awarded with the following.

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