Charter & VIP Handling

Tailored to diverse service requirements

We are proud of servicing majority of charter operations at the airport, including all types of government, executive, special & heavy cargo flights. We always tailor to numerous service requirements, understand industry procedures / protocols and handle all flights without a hitch. In close collaboration with aviation authorities, airport operators and coupled with VIP & CIP services, we bring together the highest levels of expertise and quality.

VIP & CIP services enhance business travel at the airport by saving valuable time from long queue. Business guests can indulge themselves in extremely comfortable and dedicated VIP lounge as our professional team handles all airport formalities. Last but not least, private limousines make guests’ travel within the airport a memorable experience.

Charter & VIP Handling at a glance

• Customized ground services

• Ad-hoc special service supports

• VIP handling services

• VIP lounge services

• Fast track services

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